20 Feb 2019


Who we are!

Over the last 60 years, thanks to the internet and modern printing techniques, there has been an explosion of knowledge around the world. Also for the last few decades, knowledge has remained a click away, accessible through our smartphones, tablets and laptops.

However, most of that knowledge comes from and is about the cultural capitals of the world. As a result, we remain knowledgeable about the outside world at the expense of becoming unaware of our own surroundings.

In response to this, Zaanvun Lokchaar is an initiative that aims to bridge that gap by developing content with which we have daily interaction. To a great extent, most of us have been ignorant about the culture, wisdom, environmental consciousness, mythology and morality emanating from our own societies. However, the same should not be the fate of our younger generations.

At Zaanvun Lokchaar, our aim is to develop life skills and inculcate knowledge in such younger generations. They should be able to raise incisive and inquisitive questions and find a variety of solutions through problem solving and informed decision-making. Unlike us, they should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve and maintain their surroundings. They should also be able to notice the positive and negative changes in the world we live in. At the same time, however, we can’t afford to only confine them to their own locality. They should be equally well-acquainted with the global knowledge system.

Help us to turn thus initiative into a truly significant one.

Our Team

Khalid Fayaz

Editor, Zaanvun Lokchaar.

Imran Rasool

Sub-Editor, Zaanvun Lokchaar.

Aamir Ali Bhat

Managing Editor, Zaanvun Lokchaar.

Yasir Altaf Zargar

Online Editor & Web Designer, Zaanvun Lokchaar.

Rayees Ahmed Haqani

Graphic Designer, Zaanvun Lokchaar.

Muneem Farooq

Blogger and Multimedia Specialist, Zaanvun Lokchaar.

Mir Majid Zulfkar

Reporter, Zaanvun Lokchaar.