I wake up each morning to start a new day,

But the pain of losing you never goes away.


I go about the things I have to do,

And as the hours pass I think again of you.


Every night when I go to sleep,

Your face comes in front of me in the deep.


I open my arms to feel the warmth of your hug,

But I only feel  the tears wetting the rug,

And that  memory is very much dear to me.


The day that you left I just did not know

You were going; I was just an infant of innocence,

And now all my memories of you are so dear to me.


The heart beats so fast when I dream in the middle of night,

But gosh, how I miss you and wish you were here.


Whenever someone mentions you, mother,

Tears start trickling from my eyes in harmony.


I wish the love I have collected over decades for you,

To spend on you as kisses and hugs.


I want to listen keenly to the stories which you have to tell.

How we have grown through the years in separation from you!


O! Mom, I feel you and your shades every now and then,

And you give me sleepless nights every  time.


I am hopeful that we may meet in heaven InshaAllah,

Where I will welcome you with  hugs and  kisses.



(This poem is dedicated to my mother whom I lost two decades ago)