Representational Picture.

The trodden to a crisis gave vent and brought
My way worry hard to soothe.
Push back jealousy we ought
And let the word sorry prevail and prevent troy
Seven colours chasing each other are opponents bought.
This wrinkle is odd and not part of joy.
Wavering thought, paddle life to the sought!
Wheel of fate hover over a chance to back sway
The milieu of peace for the taught.
Wake up, o soul; take a look at the wounds;
Invoke the rise of sun and the moonlight blemish elude,
Lest the sea, no, the ocean of peril drown the summer of joy.
Severe rise of wonder in the enemy for the caught;
Their world being far removed, the ignorant can never stay
The furious struggle, but relish the sound of false victory.
A drop of truth muddies their water with love;
The deceived will come to know and apologize,
Their deeds diminishing confounding the evil.
The light will shine and I wonder
Whom will it bring to whom nearer
Beautiful life, never a chance will I miss to write
About the vents that conflict spew at my homeland.
Guilty leisure, work, with my homeland drowned in pain.