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Hey! Get up, get up, you’re too young to worry. Children of your age study, make serious decisions, plan their career, think about the future and you, you’re sitting here with a stupid excuse; “I am Depressed “. While few parents believe that depression is a myth, others have an opinion that it affects elders only.

Due to the social stigma attached to it, parents are like; “YI CHUN SHUBAN, AGAR LUKH WUCHEN, TIM KYA WANEN?” or “It doesn’t suit you, what will people say?”

Parents don’t notice that something has happened due to which their children experience a breakdown. They take it lightly. It’s not their fault. It is the fault of fierce competitions modern societies have thrown us into. When they were at this stage of life, there was less competition, and so far as technology is concerned, they didn’t know what it was. They had less knowledge of the outside world as compared to the present generation. They had fewer worries because their dreams were limited, and their desires were less.

However, ours is not the same case. Time has changed. We dream a lot, we desire a lot, we think a lot, we observe a lot, and we feel a lot. Bundle of things strike our minds which may light a candle of hope but at the same time seem like the demons dancing in our heads. We have been provided with uncountable opportunities. As a result, we start setting many goals, and when thought of fulfilling those goals hit our mind, we end up with frustration.

Moreover, with the everyday growing inequality, we come across people from affluent families. We see those wearing branded clothes and holding expensive cellphones in their hands. At this point, our desires outgun our dreams, and we start complaining like; “I wish I could be like them, I wish I could wear such clothes, I wish I had that cellphone.” These unanswered questions affect the minds of youngsters. There are many other things which boost the stress level among them and in turn, give birth to such mind diseases.

Even though the parents don’t anticipate the mental agony of depression; I am here to tell you, it’s real. If only the parents notice the drastic behavioural changes, they’ll reach the bottom of it. The changes like weight loss, profound observation on little things, laziness, Insomnia, hypersomnia, loss of appetite, dark circles, constant headaches, unexplained health problems etc. are the signs of many forms of Depression.

Why do our parents deny accepting the mental disease, I think, is because they are afraid of facing society? Moreover, they don’t want to see us facing the same.  But that is not the solution, or is It?


To all the parents reading this:

Have you ever noticed that your child has started talking more than before? In the midnight, have you ever checked if your child is really sleeping or just pretending to do so? In the morning, have you ever seen the tear marks on their pillows because of their crying all night? Have you ever noticed their silence and that always-angry behaviour? No, you haven’t. Because it doesn’t suit your comfort zone, isn’t it?

How are you, my child? “I am good daddy/mommy.” This question is but supposed to be answered like that. However, this is not enough. Talk to them for a long time and ask them if they want to share something with you. Make an emotional conversation so that they can open up without any fear of being judged.

So once they share their problems, whether genuine or non-genuine, be kind to them, show them your love and empathise with them. They need you because you are the constant people in their lives who can give them the best emotional support. Your non-serious attitude forces them to share problems with other people which in turn become another reason for depression. Once they share something with their friends, they get judged. What solution can be expected from the friends who are of the same age and facing the same issues?

I believe that the parents act like antidepressants to our anxiety and chaotic mind. I grew up as a worriless child, having no fear of being judged and being questioned for what I would do. My parents supported me for every little thing and always respected my decisions.

As I grew older, I came to know about the depression stories of many people around me that made me realise I too have an account. My friends find me the best advisor. However, who knows I was not able to follow those bits of advice for myself. Seeing my parents worried about their daughters and other such problems stresses me out. Many stressful thoughts reverberate in my mind, make noises and during nights haunt me in the form of nightmares. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in the ocean of depression and coming out of it is impossible. At times, I feel like I can’t live with these thoughts and death might be comfortable than living like this.

At the end of every depressing thought, I sympathise myself by remembering this verse from the Quran; “Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond that it can bear [2:286].” This is my strength. Above all my parents console me when times get hard. Today, as I have shared it openly, I feel a lot has changed. Hence parental encouragement plays a significant role in such circumstances. I just wanted to give tongue to my thoughts, and I guess I did. I hope this article will be productive for many parents whose children are suffering from depression. I shared my story now it’s your turn. Go ahead and share your stories too. May God make everything easy for all of us!