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Synopsis: Ayesha Javeed is a 4th standard student at Oasis Education Institute, Srinagar. She would regularly ask certain questions to her father. However, he told her to write those down. She wrote all the questions and asked Allah to answer for her.


Dear Allah, My Lord!

I believe in you. You are the creator of all of us. Make everyone peaceful and honest. Show us the right path. Give us strong faith in You. It’s my good luck to write You a letter.

My lord!

I have some simple questions about You, Angels, Prophets and Iblees. I always think about these questions and have decided to write them down and ask You the same. Let me start (Bismillah):

1. Why did you create humans?

2. Why did you create Iblees?

3. If you created humans and Iblees, then why did you give powers to Iblees to mislead humans?

4. People who don’t believe in You but do good deeds, will they go to Jannah?

5. People who believed in You and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but have done bad deeds, will they go to Jannah?

6. How does it feel to be the king of everyone?

7. Why did you make Angels and Prophets free of sins?

8. If you never get tired, then why did You create Angels for different duties?

9. If Adam (PBUH) made a small mistake and then asked for forgiveness, then why did you send us all down here to earth?

10. Sometimes I have a strong feeling about you. At that moment, I don’t know what to do or what to think. I can’t explain that feeling and I don’t know why.

11. Why have you not sent any women as a Prophet?

I will be waiting for Your answers.

With all my love,


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